The best orange I ever had was stolen…

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…by a bunch of dedicated Christians from San Diego county in California. Autumn 2009, somewhere in the middle of my hitchhiking trip across United States, during a visit I paid to my friends I met a month ago in South Dakota.

My friends used to introduce me to their friends, after some time I realised all of them were dedicated Christian and many actually tried to convert me. One evening after a dinner preceded by prayer our hostess said that we should get an orange from her neighbours tree. We went there to grab the last fruit but we made so much noise that the neighbour heard us and came out. I was stunned to see and hear our hostess to say:

“Hi John, we just borrowed your orange…”

That was my first free grown orange and it was delicious. Sweet and tasty. I never let them convert me into Christianism though.

Oranges from a picture (really cheap, 10 cents each) can be bought close to the hostel I stayed during my stay in San Salvador. Not as good as stolen one but enough to recall the story from California.

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