The Art of Travel, Adventure and Suffering. The 5 Day Trip To Colombia



Five day odyssey to Medellin in Colombia is finished. During couple of days trip I had some time for a healthy dose of madness, found and adventure or two and eventually, didn’t get any opportunity to rest well at all. Somewhere on the way down to Medellin I visited Szczecin, Copenhagen and in the meantime took three buses, one train and like six month ago I crossed Baltic sea on a ferry. Florida was little bit more comfortable, I rented a car, drove to Key West, which eventually wasn’t that fun at all, but at least a new lesson was learned and some experience gained. In short: why would anybody go to Key West if you can just go on a plane and land up somewhere on beautiful Caribbean island, which would be cheaper, more fun… and not that American at all.


Copenhagen reminded me how fun Europe could be. After a short trip through Denmark I started to think about visiting Scandinavia. And eventually I made to Christiania, a district which is famous for it’s autonomy and specific atmosphere. The overwhelming hippie vibe is basically powered by huge joints and the smoke coming out of it. I won’t share any pictures from there because people actually are not welcome to take them. On of the locals told me: “We don’t want pictures because here hash is everywhere”.


Thee hours after I boarded the plane and after another ten hours I landed in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. In the waiting line to the customs inspection I met Danish guy who showed me the darker side of Christiania. Victor used to visit Christiania often, but he doesn’t go there anymore, he claims that these days Christiania is ruled by a gang of drug dealers. The irony about that is nobody from the government controls Christiania, the police let Christianians to do whatever they want to do and in the end, the new oppressing government was established there by people inside. And I don’t mean the initial locals that established Christiania but new citizens, the ones that are looking to settle somewhere on the the black market, the ruthless drug dealers.

Christiania is being destroyed from inside and surprisingly it shares the similar story with pop culture, the one that takes and digests everything what is independent, beautiful and innovative. The machine that serves the ones that are looking to entertain themselves, but in the first place, is a tool of those who care only about the pile of dollars, those who actually couldn’t even make something half amazing as the art or the idea they are abusing and squeezing as a lemon.


I’m in Medellin and after six month stay in Poland I start to see Colombia in new light. All the doubts I had before are vanishing now and I eventually can feel this place. The answers I was looking for in April are popping up and The Colombian Confusion naturally transforms into a logical and coherent picture.

What’s next? In couple of days I’m hitting the road, more or less directly I’ll go south. Let’s see where the road will take me this time. As soon I’ll master all the new technologies I bought in Florida the blog will bloom with other medias, motion pictures, sounds and who knows what more. Stay tuned.

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